Fridge Packers and Movers Bangalore

Fridge Packers and Movers Bangalore

Fridge Packers and Movers Bangalore

When moving home, people often forget one of the most important items to prepare ahead of the move is the fridge. Our company often gets asked what items can and can’t stay in the fridge for a safe and efficient move. Well, it’s really not so complicated, but fridge shifting does require a little forethought and planning ahead to make sure that your food isn’t wasted. And more importantly, so that your fridge doesn’t defrost in transit and leak on your other belongings during the transport process so it is always best advised to switch off the fridge a day prior to shifting for a long distance moving and clean and dry the interior before the arrival of our packing team.


How long does a fridge need to be turned off before moving?

It is best advised to switch off your fridge for overnight for the gas to settle and defrost it to avoid the leak and again turn on the fridge after 3 hours after moving it in to the new house.


How do you pack a refrigerator?

Securely packing your fridge is on the top of our mind, We offer 4 layer packing for the long distance moving we use clean Thermocole and place all the six sides of the fridge and then use bubble sheet and cover it with a corrugated sheet and last we use stretch wrap to hold the packing material in place for maximum safety. We also recommend wooden crate packing for Shared truck moving for long distance for maximum safety and Charged extra.


How much it cost to shift fridge locally?

Ideally the cost of packing and moving would cost Rs.2500-Rs.3000 for packing and moving a fridge to a distance of 15 Km with Loading and Unloading services.


How many people are required to load and unload a fridge?

For a single and double to fridge we need 02 manpower and for a bigger fridge it would require about 4 manpower to do the shifting job.



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