Parcel and Courier Service in Bangalore

Parcel and Courier Service in Bangalore

Now that you are searching to avail domestic Parcel and Courier Service in Bangalore to pack and transport your house hold items through a courier agency then we at Sharma Parcel and Courier Service in Bangalore can help your shift the same. We are among the top leading and reliable parcel company in Bangalore offering end to end logistics support at a very economical price. When it comes to shipping your home and office items from Bangalore to Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad , Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi ,Gurgaon , Lucknow, Kolkata , Jaipur and many more. We have joined hands with Logistics companies to offer end to end transport service.

Moving a single item has always been challenge we make it happen, we offer multiple parcel and courier service to ship very few domestic items like

1. Laptop Parcel and courier service:

Many of my customers were always found it difficult to ship a single and fragile items and that’s when we started to incorporate laptop packing and parcel courier service. We have been receiving multiple requests to transport laptop and we have built a network to offer customer to ship last mile delivery service. On placing a laptop courier service request we would come to your office or home and securely pack and ship the same at the lowest possible cost.

2. Desktop CPU Parcel and courier service:

Now that you are looking for transport your computer systems that include your CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and mouse that is complete computer system, we are among the most reliable and secured Desktop and CPU parcel courier agency in Bangalore. We have transported more than 5000+ Computer systems across india with the support of our logistics partner.

3. Two wheeler Bike Parcel and courier service:

We are the renowned name when it comes to Bike Parcel and Courier Company in the city, we offer the best of packing, loading and door transport service and make it most secure transport service in Bangalore. Having shipped more than 1000+ Indian Bikes and about 300+ imported bikes across India to the customer’s entire satisfaction and build a reputation of being safest bike Transport Company in Bangalore.

4. Carton Box Parcel and courier Service:

If you are looking to courier boxes be it personal items like cloths, Books, utensils or grocery or any other delicate and fragile household items like television we ship it all. We also courier office stationary, books, Documents and files with secured packaging service from Bangalore to all over India. On placing a request to pick up carton box our team would come with a quality cardboard boxes are securely and safely pack and ship all your goods to the destination with the help of our logistics partners at a very affordable cost.

5. Luggage bag parcel and courier service:

If you are working professional or a Student having a luggage or a trolley bags for parcel to be transported from Bangalore to anywhere in india, we are among the safest and professional parcel courier service for Luggage bag or trolley bag. We have shipped more than 8000+ trolley luggage bags with secured external bag packing providing complete safety during the bag transportation.

6. Packages Parcel and Courier Service:

We are among the best door to door (DTDC) cargo domestic package parcel courier service provider in Bangalore. We support secure packing for your entire personal domestic package using the best quality packaging material across india.

How does you parcel and courier company charges for Shipping Items?

Well now that’s something you as a customer needs to understand, any package that’s needs to be couriered or parceled will always have two main component to it

1. Size of the Package:

When I say size of the package it means the dimension of the parcel shipment Like Length / Width and Height of the package. Because your shipment which a bulky and less in weight occupies significant space in the vehicle and even the packaging cost differs for the same reason. And the size of the box is calculated to check the volumetric weight of the shipment.

What is volumetric weight means?

Multiply the length x height x width of your parcel in centimeters. Divide the answer by 5,000. The result is the volumetric weight. This figure should be compared with the actual weight in kilograms.

And second component to be checked by courier Parcel Company for cost evaluation will be

2. Weight of the Package:

This is another crucial factor to arrive at the cost of the package parcel courier service, the weight component. Here the courier agency will check the actual weight of the package and charge according to weight of the shipment.

What is volumetric weight v/s actual weight?

Actual weight is the true weight of the package as it says on the weighing scale. For example, a package weighs 1kg because the weighing scale indicates 1kg. Volumetric weight is how much space the package occupies according to its dimensions, which is then converted to its equivalent weight.

2. Weight of the Package:

This is another crucial factor to arrive at the cost of the package parcel courier service, the weight component. Here the courier agency will check the actual weight of the package and charge according to weight of the shipment.

How much does parcel cost in India?

The cost of parcel depends on the multiple factors like size of the package, weight of the package, packaging cost, loading and unloading cost and transportation cost. For example a medium size box of size 18/18/20 inches weighing about 15 Kgs to be picked up from electronic city to Delhi would cost Rs.2500 for complete package relocation charges. These prices are for illustration only please call and check the exact price detail.

Parcel Courier Pickup & Delivery Services in Bengaluru

We at Sharma parcel and courier service provide door to door cargo (DTDC) pickup and delivery service, On placing a pick up request our team of professionals will come to come with pickup van along the packaging materials like carton boxes, corrugated sheet, Bubble wrap and stretch film to securely pack all your valuables and then label the package and strap it for extra security. Once the shipment is packed then we would rebook your packed packages to our logistics partner for door delivery.

Bangalore Parcel courier pickup Contact Number and address details: We are eagerly waiting to answer all your queries related to parcel and courier service for your domestic package service. You can call us at- 9590178555 / 9590378555 and find your parcel courier rate price details and check on how we can make your moving secure and easy.

City parcel courier service local pickup and delivery Bangalore - We also support city local parcel and courier service with manpower to load and unload your entire package at a very economical price. Not only are we among the cheapest courier parcel service in Bangalore but also among the best domestic courier parcel service provider in the city.

Porter Parcel courier service with contact Number - Our porters are well trained and professional team; they have full and complete knowledge on how things have to pack for parcel and handling during the transportation. Our porter will not only pack your parcel but also support loading and unloading service without causing damage to your package. You can avail our parcel porter service by calling our porter contact number- 9590178555 or 9590378555 and get the best world class porter service.

Parcel Courier Tracking Online Service: Once we have rebooked your shipment with our logistics partner we would share you’re the tracking number generated by our logistics partner you can visit their website and always track your update and check the assured delivery date and regular status for well informed arrival and delivery of your shipment.

Tracking number or tracking code is a unique number assigned to each package, which allows you to monitor the movement of the parcel between the countries or even inside one country. Tracking numbers can be international or traceable only within the country of the sender.

Parcel and Courier Service in Bangalore

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