Sharma Furniture Packing Services

Sharma Furniture Packing Services

Packing correctly is key

When you are shipping furniture, you want to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it leaves. To ensure that this happens, you must take extra steps to help prepare and package your items. The number one reason for freight damage is due to improper packaging, so packaging your furniture properly is very important in order to avoid damage. With decades of experience in the furniture shipping and freight shipping industry, the FreightCenter experts have learned a few tips along the way to help you prepare your items for shipping. Keep these in mind to help minimize your chance of damage during shipping.

Helpful hints for packaging your furniture

Always use a strong sturdy box for packaging, If you’re shipping multiple items, individually wrap and protect each piece Once you are done wrapping and boxing, shake boxes to see if there are any loose items moving that need additional cushioning. Be sure to entirely wrap and enclose your item in protective material. Label every individual box with the destination address. Generously wrap and cushion your items – you never over-protect them. Use packaging or shipping tape to ensure a strong seal. If you are shipping tables by freight, you must disassemble legs and pieces, then wrap, box, and crate together. Shipping electronics? Try to use the original manufacturers box for the best protection or generously bubble wrap to prevent shifting. When shipping couches, remove all slipcovers and cushions and wrap these separately. Fully pad, protect, and crate to secure.

Items made of wood

Furniture that can be marred, scratched or crushed should be properly protected before it is loaded onto and off of a truck. Make sure wooden finishes are protected by covering up corners with protective corrugated cardboard and use heavy weight blankets to protect the tops of tables and exposed sides of furniture. You may also ship your item in a crate in order to prevent it from being crushed. Crating is especially suggested if you're shipping an item with legs that cannot be detached. If you would prefer the shipping company handle the packaging of your item, opt for our white glove service.

Items covered in fabric

Items such as couches, recliners, mattresses, etc. should be protected against ripping and tearing. You can buy a box that is specially designed for mattresses, or you can blanket wrap your furniture to ensure safe transport.

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