Parcel Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Parcel Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Yes, we understand you have very limited items for shifting may be a few carton boxes for moving or a travel bags or may be a single items like a cot or television for shifting. Worry not Sharma Packers and movers also offer parcel pickup and delivery across country.

What we can move for you.
  • 1. Excess Baggage or Luggage Bag Shipping- If you are looking to move few bags and a carton box we can help you pick up and door deliver them at a very affordable moving cost.
  • 2. Bike Parcel – We also offer two wheeler moving to all India with door to door moving
  • 3. Carton Boxes Moving- Students, working professionals who do not posses full household items and need a moving services for few household items, we assure our best services across India at a very reasonable moving charges.
  • We cover all major cities in india and frequently shift to Parcel from Bangalore to – Chennai , Mumbai , Pune , Hyderabad ,Kolkata , Bhubaneswar , Jaipur ,Delhi , Gurgaon , Noida and over 1500 Locations across country.

    We are using 3PL services to cover more regions for safe and secured delivery and on time delivery at a very affordable moving cost. We are using Gati , DHL , Bluedart , VRL , TNT , Safexpress,DTDC for nationwide and International delivery. We use redirect your shipment with these companies for safe and fast delivery. We Offer Packing and Moving and door pick up your cargo for moving, you will also be supported with docket details for tracking. If you have any more query please do not hesitate to ask our expert.

    Transportation- Basic Door Pick up charges in Bangalore –Rs.800.00 Per Carton Box packing cost- Rs.100.00 Manpower cost depends on the number of manpower required for moving.

    Example- if you were to move 05 Carton Box from Bangalore to Jaipur, the cost would be Rs.7000.00 for door to door delivery- Rs.800 for pick up + Rs.500 for Packing + Rs.3500 for Transportation from Bangalore to Mumbai+Rs.800 for door delivery at Mumbai+Rs.500 for one manpower for Loading at Bangalore+Rs.500 for Unloading at Mumbai+Rs.5000 (Value) Insurance Included & GST Included.

    However it is best advised to reach our number and find your moving cost. Carton Size- 20/ 20/17 Inch maximum weight 20 Kgs whichever is higher. We have know for supporting and highly searched for south india packers and movers Bangalore, North India Packers and Movers, West India Packers and Movers and east India Packers and Movers as best parcel movers company. So just call us to Pick a Parcel services at very affordable cost. We are excellent Global Parcel Movers in Bangalore and that why we are City and Global Packers and Movers Company with highest reputation in business.

    FAQ Parcel services in Bangalore

    1. Is a parcel service available for door to door?

    Yes, we support door to door cargo parcel moving services and now you can save money with our cheapest parcel shipping services. We deliver light to heavy weight goods at cost effective prices and support 3PL service and offer parcel tracking options.

    2. How parcel companies calculate rates?

    Parcel rates are calculated on weight and volume ratio and charged based on whichever is higher, and rates are also depends upon pickup and drop location and will be charged extra. For example carton box size of (20inch/19inch/18 inch) carrying 20 kg from Bangalore to Hyderabad will be charged Rs.1900 per box parcel with packing for door to door moving and if it is 05 carton boxes then it will be charged Rs.7500.00 reducing you overall cost of parcel per box to Rs.1500 around 27% discount of parcel rate charges.

    3. What can be moved by your parcel company?

    We support all kind of domestic parcel services like- personal cloths, trolley bags, Household items,Bike parcel,tv parcel. We support single item parcel service also like sofa set, Furniture parcel service, double cot parcel services to all major cities in India from Bangalore.

    4. Is tracking facility available with Parcel Company?

    Yes, our 3PL partners will support parcel tracking facility.

    5. How parcel carrier moved?

    Once we pick up your cargo we book with our partners for delivery and share the tracking details for online parcel tracking facility.

    6. What are the areas parcels transported from Bangalore?

    Our parcel transport services are available to Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi,Jaipur, Chennai,Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. We cover more than 1500+ locations across India and International parcel services.

    7. What are the items packed parceled by your company?

    We provide secure parcel packing service and ensure goods a safe till it reaches the destination. Our parcel packing service near me is available at electronic city for packing and shipping services with world class parcel packaging service for all kind of packages with packing and courier service our packing cases for shipping are well designed and boxes for international shipping are also supported and book our courier packing service near me-electronic city-Bangalore.

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