Thermocol sheet for more secured electronic items packing for movement

Thermocol sheet for more secured electronic items packing for movement

Packaging done with receptive and breakable thermocol sheets are generally known to be as Thermocol Packaging. Thermocol is prepared from the hydrocarbon liquid. The color of these sheets is white. The thermocol cases and sheets are extensively used for the packing of electrical and electronic items similar to televisions, DVD players, inverters etc. Thermocol cover protects the electrical and the electronics items from any kind of shocks and friction during the transport. Packaging companies produce blocks of thermocols in diverse shapes, sizes, and capacity in order to meet the diverse use of this product. Thermocol items are prepared according to the diverse quality norms of industry. Diverse form of packaging product like trays, thermocol boxes, and crates is manufactured from the thermocol.

TThermocol packaging method is gaining reputation in different industry like electrical, electronics, utensil companies, glassware, etc. Sensitive kinds of items are generally packed in the thermocol covers. After that they are put in the packaging boxes so that the items can be safe till they are delivered. thermocol trays are used for packing items having lighter weights similar to chocolates, bakery products and sweets, etc. The main advantage of using the thermcol packaging is that, it easily protects the items inside from the effects of weather outseide.

Manufacturers of thermocol present thermocol sheets plus blocks at business prevailing prices.

Our expert individuals who are serving customers around the world are specialized in this arena and they know the perfect gateway of providing Thermocol Packaging service. The main advantage of using the thermcol packaging is to guard the packed items from weather effects. Thermocol packaging method is gaining favor in diverse industries like electrical, glassware, electronics, utensil companies and more.

Thermocol is a business name like Coca-Cola. In 1951 the researcher of a German company named BASF productively restructured chemical bond of polystyrene (a synthetic petroleum product) molecule and developed a matter named stretch polystyrene. This matter was named Thermocol, which these days is manufactured throughout a simple process. Thermoplastic granules are prolonged through application of steam plus air. Expanded granule becomes much larger in size but remains very light. Thermocol is a superior resister of cold plus heat but since this is a petroleum product it dissolves in any solvent of petroleum. We always try to focus on the needs of clients. The main motivation is our customers and we serve them with the best service so that they can fulfill their requirements. Thermocol contains significant thermoplastic composite, called polystyrene which is got by the polymerization of styrene or phenylethene. The chemical property of phenylethene is the same to polyethene. It is extended Polystyrene a versatile plastic accessible in the form of sheets in varying width, molded as well as cut pipe sections for low temperature padding of cold stores to protect perishables, business plants operating at temperatures underneath ambient temperature, thermal insulation in buildings and versatile packaging matter, which can be molded into any form and design for packing electronic, glassware as well as fragile products.

Properties of the Thermocol
  • It contains 3 to 6 million separate cells in one liter of this product which gives the property of insulation to thermocol.
  • Once can cut this product effortlessly with the simplest of the tools similar to a saw or a knife.
  • Plastic paints can be used on it easily in order to paint it.
  • The insulating efficiency is very good for this product. It can resist damp and also have good dimensional stability and structural strength that makes it easier to use.
  • The insulation capability is enduring and lifelong.

All these attributes give details the outstanding insulation property and amazing resistance to moisture vapor diffusion, making it the perfect low temperature insulation material with the best amalgamation of desirable property. The thermocol produced is made accessible in the form of rectangular slab, semi-circular pipe section, etc. We are proud of our customers and we try our best to gratify them with our service. Our business website can also assist individuals in this regard.