Moving Blankets for Shifting within City

Moving Blankets for Shifting within City

Moving blankets and packing pads

The moving blankets and furniture pads are must-haves for any professional users ever since they were introduced to the market. The functionality of the moving blankets has extended their popularity to create many clever solutions in our daily lives. In general, a majority of the moving blankets are manufactured from textile scraps and through different processes depending on the type them. Some are turned to quilted moving blankets with different weights. The heavier moving blankets means they are stronger than the lightweight blankets.

Different types of the moving blankets

The moving blankets are also known as Moving Pads, Packing Pads, Furniture Pads, Textile Blankets, Skins and Paper Pads or Paper Blankets. Regardless of the name, the moving blankets are divided into 3 categories of Quilted or Woven Moving Blankets, Moving Pads (Skins), and Paper Pads.

Items made of wood

Furniture Paper pads : These light-weight blankets are mainly for the protection against light scratches, dirt, and dust during storage or move.

Pro Moving Blankets : These light duty blankets are economical enough to be used for the single move.

Quilted or Woven Moving Blankets : The rugged and durable quilted moving blankets offer the most protection against nicks and scratches during the move. These hard-wearing blankets are sturdy enough for many moves, which makes them the to-go blankets for the professional movers. The Woven Blankets offered by Uboxes in 2,4,6,12,24,36,96, and 168 packs and are categorized based on the weight of the blankets:

A. Single-Use Moving Blankets

Textile Moving Blankets- Skins- Made of recycled fiber, these blankets have a tensile strength of 60 pounds and are great as a lightweight Moving Pad

B. Multi-Move Moving Blankets

Economy Moving Blankets : Heavier than the Pro Moving Blankets offering more protection and sturdy enough for more than one use

Performance Moving Blankets : These moving blankets are in the middle of the pack when it comes to weight and level of the protection.

Deluxe Moving Blankets : The blankets are almost double the weight of our lightest blankets, Pro Moving Blankets. They’re strong enough to handle multiple users.

C. Pro-Movers Moving Blankets

Extra Performance Moving Blankets : Extra strong and heavy duty moving blankets are more than double in weight when compared to the pro-moving blankets offering double the protection.

Extra Performance Moving Blankets : Extra strong and heavy duty moving blankets are more than double in weight when compared to the pro-moving blankets offering double the protection.

Pro-Movers Moving Blankets : Manufactured with microfiber, these heavyweight moving blankets are woven and strengthen with polyester binding. The pro-Mover Blankets are guaranteed not to fade or be washed-out.

Super Supreme Moving Blankets : These super heavy-duty moving blankets offer the ultimate protection and last longer during many moves.

Camo Moving Blankets : The Camo Blankets are as good as they get among the moving blankets. They’re 3 times heavier than the Economy Moving Blankets and the professional moving blankets prefer these blankets for their lasting strength.

Other Uses for the Old Moving Blankets

Most consumers prefer the stronger moving blankets to protect their valuable items such as pianos or antiques and they have created some obvious and some more clever uses for them after the move is over:

Furniture and appliance Cover : The moving blankets offer an excellent protection for furniture, piano, and appliances during redecorating or painting.

Auto Upholstery Protection : Cover the seats or the trunk of your car with moving blankets to protect them from cuts to the fabric, dirt, and spillage.

Pet Bedding Blanket : These cushiony moving blankets offer comfort for your dogs and cats while creating a separation from the cold floor.

Transporting Dogs : Cover the car seats with the moving blankets when taking your dog to the vet or a travel to avoid dirt and dog hair all over the upholstery.

Outdoor Blanket : Use you old moving blankets as a comfortable outdoor blanket while at the beach, camping, fishing, and outdoor sporting or music events.

Sound Proofing Your Home or Office : The moving blankets make an inexpensive soundproofing for any room. This is ideal for creating a do-it-yourself soundproofed studio, game room in your home or simply reducing the level of the noise traveling through walls. Use of the moving blanket to reduce noise is a perfect tool for tenants and apartment lifestyle when throwing a party.

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