Bopp self adhesive packing tape with Logo of Packers and Movers

Bopp self adhesive packing tape with Logo of Packers and Movers

The commonly used adhesive packing tapes that are used in sealing medium to heavy-duty carton sealing, shipping, inventory management and in logistics industries are actually BOPP tapes.

BOPP is abbreviated as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. The use of Polypropylene in manufacturing adhesive tapes is because of its amazing features and properties. It being a thermoplastic polymer which is malleable at certain specific temperatures and returns to the solid form when cooled.

Manufacturers of thermocol present thermocol sheets plus blocks at business prevailing prices.

Our expert individuals who are serving customers around the world are specialized in this arena and they know the perfect gateway of providing Thermocol Packaging service. The main advantage of using the thermcol packaging is to guard the packed items from weather effects. Thermocol packaging method is gaining favor in diverse industries like electrical, glassware, electronics, utensil companies and more.

Polypropylene film can be stretched in both the directions thus mentioned as biaxial oriented. This stretching of the film increases the strength and clarity/transparency of the film. High tensile strength and rugged nature making it ideal to use for packaging and labeling.

Polypropylene has several other properties like resistant to abrasion, chemically reacting agents, burst and moisture. The surface of the film is easy to print and coat, which makes it useful for custom printed BOPP packing tapes. The tape can be easily slitting when required.

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