Association Union Standards needed for Packers and Movers

Association Union Standards needed for Packers and Movers

Yes, with growing number of cheat and fraud on the rise, it the need of an hour to form a packers and movers union or association and set the packaging and moving standard to protect the customers interest. Over the years the industry has seen many such instances and customer face the harassment and trust deficit in the relocation business.

How do cheat and fraud done by Packaging companies?

There are various ways cheat are committed by packaging and moving companies, and fake name or duplicate identity of the famous packers and movers companies top the list. These fake companies create the Identical companies and imitate the website of such companies and cheat the customers and this do not stops here they even create a fake social media pages on facebook , twitter and make the mockery of the whole system. And it is very painful legal process to book and identify such crime.

 1.      Do movers and packers steal your stuff?

Yes, there are several instances reported across india and worldwide were your moving companies steal customers stuff. Such instances are growing by numbers every day and hence it becomes even more important to all the big and small genuine moving companies to come forward and stop this act and be responsible to care for customers goods.

2.      Can I file a case against packers and movers?

Yes, customer and any individual can report such incident to police station and register the case against such packers and movers companies. You can also take such moving companies to consumer court and seek compensation.

3.      How can you tell if a packer and mover are real?

Only there is one sure way is to meet packers and movers in their office. Ask for registration certificate and all other documents to verify the real packers and movers.

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So please come together and let’s fight this and STOP HARRASING CUSTOMERS.

Ceo Speaks:

I am not saying problem or damages do not happen all I am requesting is fraud should end and fake moving companies should never be part of the association. Let’s admit during relocation there is risk attached during transportation like damages, breakages but NO TO FRAUD and NO TO CUSTOMER HARASSMENT is what we should focus our thought to. Lets TEAM it up now or else it will be too late to CORRECT and REGRET our lethargic attitude.  The battle has been fought earlier by many companies individually but now is the TIME to UNITE and fight with and for our CUSTOMERS INTREST.

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