Sharma Packers and Movers Fight against Corona

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Sharma Packers and Movers Fight against Corona

Sanitization during Moving Make more secured Shifting experience.

What Lockdown means for Packers and movers Corona?

As per the instruction No commercial business practice is allowed during the lockdown however essential transport services are permitted among the Red Zones.

During covid 19 india is placed under five zones in Bangalore as per the instruction from the government as per the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Commissioner B.H. Anil Kumar, accompanied by senior civic officials. He issued instructions on fixing perimeters and sealing the areas.

  • Red zone
  • Orange Zone
  • Green Zone
  • Containment zones
  • Buffer zones
  • These zones are changing as per the containment cases in India on the directive of Indian Government.

Coronavirus lockdown proving to be a nightmare for those shifting houses

With lockdown in many parts of the country Packers and movers business has taken a hit and many customers have been waiting to move to the new city and within the same city to occupy the new homes. Many vehicles are hesitating to cross borders and move within the residential complexes. As per our study the business s down by 70% said Jeethendra Sharma. However Shortage of Labors and manpower is yet to be ascertained.

After the pandemic of Covid 19, business is not as usual as before and same applies for relocation business. Moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic should also be more preventive and should be done with great precautions. In fact, as the saying goes prevention is better than cure and during covid 19 we all need to be more cautious but not scared. This can be done with the right sanitization methods and common sense precautions.

According to WHO, transmission of Covid 19 occurs most commonly through close contact with people and stays long hours on many surfaces and materials. With packers and movers using multiple packaging materials challenge to avoid is even greater. So, it is best advised to properly sanitize all packaging material before and after the completion of moving to prevent Covid-19 spread. As per authorities, cleaning means removing germs and bacteria from surfaces. Disinfecting means using right chemicals to kill germs on all surfaces and protecting from viral infections such as corona virus. Please do not panic during moving with packers and movers, here are the 5 Tips for sanitizing your belongings during the move.

Clean and sanitized packaging material:

We at SHARMA Packers and movers have always cared for our customers and our employees for safety during moving. We have a clean sanitized packaging material using the right quality alcohol based and other bleaching material for packing on all our packing supplies like Carton box, Bubble sheet, moving blankets and Crates to minimize the spread of virus. We use Good Quality sodium Hypochlorite for moving supplies for best safety or diluted bleach solution. Other materials you may need on-hand include gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels or clean rags to wipe down surfaces.

Disinfect Common Surface Areas before and After Moving

It is also best advised to clean all common surface areas like your door knows, wardrobe, kitchen areas with a cleaning solution. When shifting also includes you stairways and railing to clean with cleaning agent for safe moving experience.

Place hand sanitizer by the door

The WHO advises household members to clean hands often by washing them with soap and water for 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol can be used. In addition to keeping hand soap available in bathrooms and in the kitchen, we recommend putting a container of hand sanitizer in the entryway where it will be readily available to movers and your family on moving day.

Are there other ways to avoid the Corona virus while moving?

Washing your hands frequently, conducting a deep clean of the new home and wearing a mask during the moving process are all additional ways to avoid catching a viral illness during a move. Make sure to also ask your moving company about any and all precautions they plan to take when moving household belongings to the new home. For instance, do the movers plan to wear gloves or masks? Is it possible for them to wear slip-on booties over their shoes (or no shoes at all)? Do the movers plan to practice good hygiene (i.e. washing hands) on moving day? These are all important questions to ask before moving day arrives. We at Sharma Packers and movers are offering sanitization services after moving at additional cost. We are currently using Ethanol, Glycerol and Hydrogen peroxide based cleaning agent for better cleaning surface area.

For 1BHK sanitization cost Rs.1500.00
For 2BHK sanitization cost Rs.2500.00
However we recommend get deep cleaning service from other professionals.

Sharma Packers and Movers Fight against Corona

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