Why moving companies have hidden Charges

No Surprise Moving Services-No Hidden Charges

We are ethical and professional moving company and have earned the reputation of being the safest relocation service provider. We always provide the best quote and no surprise during billing your moving. This is one reason why we are among the Top 10 best relocation companies in Bangalore, India. Many small moving firms are looking low quote a bait strategy and lure the customers with lowest estimate and gain their attention and many first time movers fall trap to these tricks and loose to these con moving firms.

Many Small or Fraud Moving firms have hidden charges for various reasons

  1. To get Customers attention by luring with Lowest Moving estimate is easy and most followed trick customers.
  2. Fake Moving Company Name- Easy making money is possible by creating a fake online identity of some popular moving company brand and sell services. As many first time movers will not be able recognize which moving company is original and which is duplicate moving company.
  3. Hidden Charges- Many moving companies with a wrong intention would always suppress facts and will never give you a clear moving detail. On the Moving date you would be surprised as they would come up with other hidden charges.

Most Popular way to increase moving bills is

  1. Adding Taxes other than usual.
  2. Increase the volume of shipment by unnecessary padding.
  3. Adding extra cost for Check point charges.
  4. State Permit charges are also added up at the last minute.

How to Avoid or Indentify Rogue Packers and Movers Companies.

First and foremost important thing for every customer is to gain knowledge about moving companies and visit office before hiring the services of moving company. Only clear knowledge about the industry can help you find a good and reliable moving agency.

  1. Always take a time to visit packers and movers Office
  2. Take feedback from relatives and friends about the past performance of moving agency.
  3. Never judge the book by its cover- Beautiful website ,mens in uniform and clean documents are essential but fake moving companies do not mind spending on imitating the Original packers and movers as it is easy way to copy the Leader in moving business.

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