What determines Moving companies have Packed it all

Who determines when everything is done and packed?

At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything that needs packed has been packed prior to releasing the packing team. In order to do this, you should walk through your home with your team lead and open all cupboards, cabinets, closets and drawers. Always check before relieving your packing company team.

Sure, it is you the customers who can always call of the day and ask the packers and movers for completion of task. Once all the items are packed and labeled and moved in to the truck you can consider the completion of moving job at the packaging site.

Tips before asking your packers and movers to end the Packing.

Check all the rooms: It is always wise to check all the rooms before calling the day.

Check Closest and almirah.

Close all the taps and electrical Lines.

Check electrical switches for On/Off

Check Chester and drawers for left out Items.

Check all Documents.

Yes, it is you the customers who can call the day and ask your packers and movers to leave as the packing is complete and ready to transport the items to the new location.

So, it is best advised for customer to be presence at the location at the time of packing.

What if Customer is Not Present during Covid19 for Packing?

Yes, now as most of the people are in their home town and requesting to move personal baggage for shifting, we are able to offer our services and request for friends and colleagues presence during the non availability of customer during shifting.

Now the question that arises here what to do (Covid19) in such a sort of a situation. Well in such a scenario, you can always seek help from your friends, Relatives or colleagues to take some time and help you through the shifting process. You always request your landlord to organize the keys to start the packaging effortlessly.

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