Tips for Moving your Bike with a Packers and Movers

Bike-Two Wheeler-Motor cycle moving Tips?

Bike Transport-Always keeps your fuel tank dry, Remove Spark Plug; clean your bike before moving. For many motorcycle riders this is their favorite time of year! And whether you ride alone or with a club, you will need your motorcycle to and from all the various other festivals, bike rallies, drag races, that take place year round. As a motorcycle owner there is only a couple of options when it comes to getting your motorcycle to all these various destinations. You can either ride it, which is often not an option due to distance and other travel logistics. Or you can ship it. Finding the right company to ship your motorcycle can be quite the frustrating task if you don’t take the proper steps. So here are some good tips to make sure when you need to ship your motorcycle, it’s in good care.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Shipping Company

Not just any moving company can handle shipping a motorcycle. Find out how much experience they have moving motorcycles and if they are covered through insurance. Be careful of selecting a mover who is looking to fill space, they will pose as experienced motorcycle shippers only to leave you with a damaged or lost motorcycle. Other moving companies will only provide brokerage services with no truck or experiences, leaving your bike in the hands of another company you aren’t familiar with. Make sure to do your do your home work before making your selection.

HProtect Your Ride

The most important part of shipping your motorcycle is making sure that it has insurance coverage. Your choice of Transportation Company should have coverage that protects your motorcycle throughout the entire trip. Make sure that your Transit Coverage covers the value of your bike because when it comes to insurance it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Securing Your Motorcycle

Every shipping company has their own way that they secure their freight. It should be secured so that you will receive your bike exactly in the same condition that it was before it was shipped. Your shipping company should utilize special crates that tightly secure your motorcycle and ensure safety throughout the entire ride. Crates are not always the preferred choice as it costs a lot.

The before’s and after’s of Shipping a Motorcycle

Before your motorcycle has been loaded on to a truck, it should go through a full inspection with the transportation company to note any prior damages. It is also advised to take pictures prior to it being loaded for your own records just in case there are any issues upon arrival. Also make sure to completely drain out all the gas and empty saddlebags prior to shipping. Be sure you receive an inventory document prior to releasing the motorcycle to the shipping company.

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