What are the Factors affecting Packers and movers charges

What are the Factors affecting Packers and movers charges?

Packing and moving cost are dependent on Multiple Factors and is differs from company to company. These factors are explained how the charges are affecting your moving cost. There are multiple factors that affect your relocation cost and primary reason would be

1. Size of your Home - 1BHK Or 2BHK Household items cost more in comparison less than home items as smaller truck size need lower packing cost and Manpower to complete the shifting.

2. Size of Truck - Mini truck will surely cost less in comparison to bigger truck to shifting. 2BHK shifting requires bigger truck to complete your move and so the cost is also higher.

3. Number of Manpower required - More the manpower requirement higher the shifting cost as the average manpower labor charge would be Rs.900 Per head more the people needed higher the cost.

4. Distance of Transportation - Longer distance to transport then higher the cost of transportation. Let’s agree when you move a close distance the running fuel cost is lower in comparison to long distance moving and so the cost involved for transport is higher for higher distance movement for the goods.

5. Packaging Cost - Packing cost is dependent on number of household items one has, more the items and more the packaging cost as it require more packing material for safety.

6. Local Moving or Long distance shifting - Generally local shifting cost less comparatively to Outside city moving.

Above are few factors that can affect your moving cost and there are method to save on the Moving cost

  1. 1. Segregate your household items.
  2. 2. Carry only essential goods.
  3. 3. Pre Pack your cloths in trolley bags.
  4. 4. Sell old furniture which you do not wish to use.
  5. 5. Reduce volume for shifting.

You can always reach us to understand how we can help you in saving your packing and moving cost.

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