How moving companies fill Boxes

How do they fill every box for moving?

There may be times when your packers have completed the packing in a room they are working in and will not have filled the carton. In this case, they will continue to place articles from another location into that carton to properly fill the carton to capacity. This is standard and customary, and helps to prevent damage to items inside the box. You may notice this when you are unpacking your items at your final destination, so just know that it’s all part of the process. We ensure your cargo reach the destination safe.

Packing boxes is a skill. But whether this is your first move or your twentieth, you can improve quickly and efficiently just by doing a little bit of research before you go into it. And to get you on the right track, we’ve compiled this go-to list of the eight mistakes you should take care to avoid when packing. Read on to up your box packing game once and for all.

Items to Pack:

Books, files, CDs, DVDs, canned goods, silverware, tools, spices, desk supplies, small picture frames, photographs, non-hazardous liquids or cleaners, and small lampshades should all be packed into small boxes to avoid damages.

Advice on Packing Boxes:

  1. • Pack books, files, or DVDs vertically
  2. • Wrap fragile items like picture frames in packing paper before placing in the box.
  3. • When packing liquids, always tape the lids shut
  4. • Things like pens, pencils, or paperclips should be placed in a plastic bag or wrapped in packing.
  5. • When packing kitchen knives, place the knife in a guard first whenever possible
  6. • Any lampshade small enough to fit inside of a book box should be packed in this box.
  7. Tips on Moving Boxes

    While no move is the same, there are a few basic tips that can make your experience a bit easier.

  8. • Always put heavier items on the bottom of the box while keeping lighter items on top.
  9. • Fill in any empty spaces in moving boxes with wadded up packing paper, towels or clothing. This will prevent items inside from moving. Additionally, movers will not move boxes that are half packed or loosely packed.
  10. • Make packing and unpacking easier by keeping all room items together and not mixing rooms in the same box.
  11. • Label every box with the room it's meant for and what's inside.

Choosing the best boxes for moving your home will make the process easier from start to finish. Whether you are moving by yourself or hiring professional movers, we'll help you find the right boxes. We're also here to help you select all the supplies you need for your move, book your moving truck rental and help you calculate the cost so you can pack easier and ensure your belongings arrive to your new home in good shape.

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