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How to ensure a moving company is qualified to perform my move?

Many people have been falling to a trap of fake moving companies and lose their valuable, so it is very important to book all your valuables for safe transportation only through Qualified or Branded Moving companies. These good packers and movers company have been for a reason as they have earned the trust of customers by adding good value to your safety and ensure your household goods are protected and save you from hassle.

It is always best to follow these listed practices to reach a qualified packers and movers

  1. 1. Check Reviews of a moving companies
  2. 2. Check Certification of a moving company
  3. 3. Check Registration Certificate
  4. 4. Check Office Address and if possible try visiting Office of moving companies before booking their services.
  5. 5. Check Website of packers and movers

Following listed steps will always ensure you hire only Qualified and Certified Packing and moving companies for relocation

Here are simple ways to avoid moving scams.

  1. 1. Are they online?
  2. 2. Request a free estimate.
  3. 3. Certified moving companies
  4. 4. Check business certifications.

The best rule of thumb is simple: if something doesn't feel right, trust your instincts. Few tips to be kept in mind while selecting the best movers and packers

  1. Are they licensed?
  2. Do they have authenticated license?
  3. is the company insured?
  4. Does Company provides insurance?
  5. Have they won any awards or accolades for service?
  6. Can they show you any letters of recommendation?
  7. Are they certified?
  8. Do they have any reviews online Like Yelp, Justdial or Sulekha?
  9. Do they have reviews on Google?

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